After a Decade of One Party  Domination,

it's time to ask,

"How's that been working for ya'll, Georgia?"

If you're a typical family living in Georgia, the answer to that question is obviously, "not so well".  In almost every economic indicator, Georgia ranks near the bottom when compared to the rest of the nation.

  • One-third of Georgians, 3.3 million people, are living in Poverty.

  • ​Georgia families bring home $6600 less than they did 10 years ago when inflation is factored in.

  • Georgia has the highest unemployment rate in the Nation.

  • 25% of occupations in Georgia pay full-time wages that are below poverty level.

  • 1 in 4 Georgia children are living in poverty.  Of those, 84% have at least one parent working and 40% have two parents working.

  • 1 in 5 women and 1 in 5 senior citizens are living in poverty.

  • ​Georgia's minimum wage is the lowest in the nation at only $5.15 per hour.

  • ​40% of all families in Georgia have no financial savings.

  • ​More than one-third of working families in Georgia are considered low-income.

  • Georgians have the 2nd worst credit ratings in the nation, along with the 2nd highest bankruptcy rates.


These startling statistics paint a vividly clear picture.  After ten years of one political party holding every branch of Georgia's government including every statewide elected office, Georgia has plummeted to the bottom in the financial well-being of our residents.  Yet, Republicans brag that Georgia is the #1 Pro-Business state in the Nation while ignoring the fact that these policies have devastated Georgia families.  

Georgia Republicans want you to believe this bad economy is the result of federal economic policies and the current administration.  The truth is, if these bad statistics were the result of a faltering national economy, Georgia would not be dead last but would have held its own against other states.   Our poor economy, our high poverty rate, our high bankruptcy rates, the financial instability of our families, the low paying jobs, the high unemployment rate ... these are the results of Georgia Republicans' economic policies that favor large corporations at the expense of small business and workers.

As your State Senator I will fight to get Georgia's economy working for Georgians again.  I will work for a strong economy that encourages small business, supports working Georgians, and attracts high quality, good paying jobs to our state.  I will work for a Georgia where no child goes to bed hungry; where pay is not based on gender; where healthcare is available to all; where health choices are private; where religious beliefs are taught in churches and not as school curriculum; where all people are equal;  and, where diversity  is respected and celebrated.  

"As your State Senator, I will work for a Georgia where our children's futures hold greater promise and opportunity than any generation that has come before us."   Timothy Swiney   

Candidate Timothy Swiney

Timothy Swiney

Democrat for Georgia Senate

​District 9

Timothy Swiney

"It's time to get Georgia working for Georgians again."

Endorsed by

Georgia AFL-CIO

Georgia Workers Support
Timothy Swiney